The voice of ‘saved’ begins with original composition created from field recordings of the Old Schoolton Bridge in Okemah, Ok and Juneteenth Celebrations in Galveston, Texas. We will then re-stage this voice as a live choral performance at designated bridges across the U.S.

We begin with New York City in the fall of 2013. Composer Courtney Bryan draws from improvisational workshops with Impact Repertory Theatre to create a vocal score for three gospel choirs. Together, First Corinthian Baptist Church Choir, Convent Avenue Church’s Inspiration Choir, Bethany Baptist Church Choir and Impact Repertory Theatre bring life to this original composition.


At each discreet location for these memorials, we will incorporate vernacular sounds in order to gather that site’s history into the piece. We will excavate Native and African stories of resistance and self defense in this process. In each location I wish to bridge the violences of colonialism and slavery that haunt Native and Black experience in this country. Choirs and their directors will collaborate on developing a score for voice derived from this pre-recorded, electronic, sound piece. We will then stage performances on site that include a live choir and an audience to recreate the original photograph.


One thought on “voices

  1. Simin Farkhondeh

    This work is so powerful as it emphasizes the stories of resistance and empowerment, which is so rare. Lovely how the work gives opportunities for collaborations and creative collective work as it brings in theatrical and musical and other artistic together. It becomes a Gesamtkunstwerk of a very unique variety. An exorcism of the space and a reclaiming.

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